At Pediatric Specialty Care, our team of dedicated pediatric care professionals foster a warm and nurturing environment for children to feel welcomed. PSC is thoughtfully curated for the specific ages of each child so they may feel comfortable and at home in our care. We encourage parents, families, and/or guardians to remain actively engaged in their child’s care and development.

By Partnering with Pediatric Specialty Care, Children will Experience:

  • Reduced exposure to dangerous infections
  • Minimized ER visits and hospital readmissions
  • Customized clinical management systems providing real-time patient records
  • Full collaboration of disciplines for integrated care: pharmacy, durable medical equipment and therapies (physical, occupational, speech)
  • Coordination of all services, including on-site transportation
  • Educational service management to facilitate optimal learning
  • Care from highly skilled clinicians who understand each child’s special needs

Respiratory Therapy

Our Respiratory Therapists are essential to our pediatric care team. We pride ourselves on the high number of RTs that are employed throughout the majority of Pediatric Specialty Care locations. The majority of our locations staff Respiratory Therapists on every shift, providing resources for the highest quality of pediatric care. In collaboration with child’s pediatric pulmonologist, the RT’s focus on the following care:

  • Pediatric ventilator care and management
  • Weaning and extubation
  • Chest physical therapy and nebulizer treatments

Pediatric Specialty Care Staff

Physicians, Nurses (RNs & LPNs), Respiratory Therapists, Social Workers, Recreational Therapists, Program Specialists, Dietitians, and… FAMILY.

Pediatric Specialty Care continues to be a premier provider of exceptional pediatric care for technology-dependent and medically fragile children and young adults. Rooted in an extensive history of pediatric care success, our highly skilled and experienced clinicians provide the best possible comprehensive pediatric care outside of an acute care setting.

We are excited to share how Pediatric Specialty Care can make a difference in the life of your child. Please click here to learn more about our referral process.