If I place my child in a Pediatric Specialty Care community, does that mean I lose custody?

Absolutely not. You remain the guardian and can be actively involved in your child’s care. Pediatric Specialty Care is intended to be an extension of your own home.

What type of pediatric speciality care will my child receive?

Your child will have access to 24 hour nursing, respiratory care (as required), appropriate therapies, and regular visits from our Medical Director.

How will I pay for care and services?

Your child’s insurance will provide funding for admission to Pediatric Specialty Care. Our Admissions Team will assist with all the required paperwork for PSC.

How quickly can Pediatric Specialty Care facilitate an admission?

Every situation is unique and handled on an individual basis. However, an admission can be completed within 48-72 hours. Emergency admissions are also available on an as-needed basis.

What if I don’t live in the same state as the Pediatric Specialty Care community I have selected for my child?

In most instances, our admissions team coordinates the transition process to allow your child to benefit from PSC services.

Can my child still be followed by specialty doctors (i.e. Pulmonary, ENT Cardiology)?

Yes, maintaining a strong continuity of pediatric care for your child is one of our goals at Pediatric Specialty Care.

How does my child get to medical appointments?

Pediatric Specialty Care will help arrange all of your child’s appointments. Our transport team will bring your child to the doctor’s office with one of our many wheelchair accessible vans, or via ambulance if medically necessary.

What if I decide to take my child home? Who will help me coordinate services?

Our medical team of pediatric care specialists will assist with any training needed and coordinate all equipment, nursing, and school needs.

When can I visit?

You are welcome to visit at any time. However, there may be times due to health concerns where visitation may be restricted for certain hours or days. Calling your child’s location ahead of a visit is recommended.

Can I call to get an update on my child?

You can call your child’s facility any day and any time that is convenient for you. Visit our locations page for your facility’s phone number.

Can I bring my other children to visit?

We strongly encourage sibling involvement as an important part of comprehensive pediatric care. We request that you talk to our nurse prior to visits regarding immunizations for young children.

What if I do not have reliable transportation?

Most of our PSC locations are easily accessible via public transportation. Our social service staff will help you with transportation information and transfer options.

Will my child receive school services?

Yes, some children may attend school in a local classroom while others may receive services within the Pediatric Specialty Care community.

How will my child’s educational needs be handled?

Our Medical Director assesses if a child is medically stable to attend a local school. If not, children will receive educational services within their Pediatric Specialty Care community.

Will my child be able to participate in any activities outside of Pediatric Specialty Care?

Yes, we strongly encourage community involvement as an important element of comprehensive pediatric care. If your child is too medically compromised for local outings, there are opportunities for community interaction with visits from volunteers. We also enjoy throwing parties and special events in our Pediatric Specialty Care communities with participation by all!

Please contact Pediatric Specialty Care with any other questions you may have