We recognize and appreciate that each child and family is unique, and their circumstances for needing our services are varied.

Pediatric Specialty Care’s team is here to help guide families through the process of transitioning a child into a PSC Community. Our team of highly skilled pediatric care specialists assist with experiences like transitioning your newborn from the NICU, moving your teenager from the PICU, seeking rehabilitation after a devastating accident, or having your child admitted from home when there has been a decrease in services.

Social workers are available at each of our locations. Our team of passionate and attentive pediatric care specialists are fully prepared to support your family during this transitional period, or coordinate community resources for discharge home. Our highly skilled and compassionate staff is available to both your child and family.

A “stepping stone” to home

Some families require additional time for training or may need home modifications in order to move their child home. Pediatric Specialty Care provides a stepping stone to home, with the goal of a safe return. PSC strives to provide the most comprehensive training program through maintaining continuity of care with your child’s primary care physician, and other specialists. Wherever you are in the process of caring for your medically fragile child, Pediatric Specialty Care offers a diverse program of short-term, transitional, and longer-term care as needed.

For more information on our pediatric care programs, please complete the information on our contact us page or call our information line at 1-877-291-6535.