Pediatric Specialty Care

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Welcome to Pediatric Specialty Care

The moment you enter Pediatric Specialty Care you’ll discover a cheerful, home-like environment where state-of-the-art technology combines with stimulating and age-appropriate accommodations. We provide exceptional care for children with medically fragile conditions at our six locations across Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Our Levels of Care

Transitional Care

The mission of Pediatric Specialty Care is to help transition medically fragile children out of a restrictive, acute care setting and encourage them to thrive in the home-like environment of PSC. Our short-term or transitional care services are specifically designed to meet these goals. Transitional care is valuable for:

  • Relieving children from acute care settings for a short time prior to moving home
  • Giving families time to prepare for their children at home
  • Supporting families as they are trained in how to care for their child at home
  • Providing a respite to families that provide in-home care
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Short Term Care

Pediatric Specialty Care takes pride in our ability to help children transition from PSC to their homes. Our transition teams of pediatric care specialists work with each family to help them prepare for in-home care.

Long Term Care

Our Pediatric Specialty Care communities are designed to provide a customized and constant comprehensive pediatric care setting that allows children to continually grow and stay active. In cases where home care is not an option, Pediatric Specialty Care creates an environment with engaging events, daily activities, and the continued pediatric care as needed.

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Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

Pediatric Specialty Care has a committed focus on the development of quality pediatric care programs including therapies essential to helping children develop. With that in mind, Pediatric Specialty Care has a comprehensive program of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists at all of our locations across Pennsylvania.

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Respiratory Therapy

Our Respiratory Therapists are essential to our pediatric care team. We pride ourselves on the high number of RTs that are employed throughout all locations at Pediatric Specialty Care. The majority of our locations staff Respiratory Therapists on every shift, providing resources for the highest quality of pediatric care. In collaboration with a child’s Pediatric Pulmonologist, the RT’s focus on the following care:

  • Pediatric Ventilator Care and Management
  • Weaning and Extubation
  • Chest Physical Therapy and Nebulizer Treatments
Pediatric Specialty Care Happy Child With Toys

“Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.”

— Fred Rogers

Do you have questions? We can help you!

What type of pediatric speciality care will my child receive?
24 hour nursing, respiratory care (as required), and appropriate therapies.
Regular visits from our Medical Director.
How will I pay for care and services?
Your child’s insurance will provide funding for admission to Pediatric Specialty Care. Our Admissions Team will assist with all the required paperwork for PSC.
How quickly can Pediatric Specialty Care facilitate an admission?
Every situation is unique and handled on an individual basis. However, an admission can be completed within 48-72 hours. Emergency admissions are also available on an as-needed basis.
How does my child get to medical appointments?
Pediatric Specialty Care will arrange all appointments. Our transport team will bring your child to the doctor’s office with one of our many wheelchair accessible vans, or via ambulance if medically necessary.
When can I visit?
Anytime you like! Pediatric Specialty Care has an open door policy for parents/guardians who wish to visit PSC.
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