Pediatric Specialty Care

Community Life

At Pediatric Specialty Care, children are encouraged to play, learn, and grow.

With our Primary Program Specialists, we create individualized daily social and recreational plans for both inside and outdoors. These ISPs (Individual Service Plans) are developed for each child by our interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, care providers, and families. Physical, occupational, and speech therapies may be included in ISPs as needed.

Educational Services

Community life at Pediatric Specialty in PAEducation is an integral part of every child's life and is provided both on-site and within the local community classrooms for our school-age residents. Our Medical Director determines if a child is medically stable to attend a local school, and if an accompanying nurse is required. Any child not ready to participate in an off grounds classroom receives educational services within their Pediatric Specialty Care community.

Our educational program includes:

  • Early Intervention Services
  • Intermediate Unit Services
  • Individualized Activities as Needed


In addition to providing care in a friendly, child-centered environment with peers, we are proud of the strong ties Pediatric Specialty Care has developed with surrounding communities. Participating in our Community Life Program can include enriching events such as visits to the local park, libraries or to meet with scout troops.

At Pediatric Specialty Care, we have also created integration programs that encourage friendships between individuals who are developmentally delayed and others without disabilities. This fun and rewarding interaction helps educate the community about the gifts of children with special needs.


Community life is very important to us at Pediatric Specialty Care believing that every child has a right to "play, socialize and have fun"!

  • We have a calendar of events offering daily groups and individual activities, all supporting your child's developmental needs as well as building on their strengths and interests.
  • We offer early intervention playgroups, which incorporate songs, books, toys and crafts as well as after school recreational and social groups.
  • Many children also enjoy lots of "sensational" activities addressing all of their senses. This can be a fun fanciful hand massage, listening to playful or soothing music, aromatherapy and playing in the sand or water table.
  • Some of the other playful activities we offer are parachute play, ball play and music.
  • All children are also offered the opportunity to participate in fun messy art projects which may include chocolate making!

In order for your child to get the most enjoyment, all activities are tailored to meet your child's needs. Some children require hand over hand assistance, others are more independent and some participate passively enjoying the company and environment of their peers. Every child is unique and special and we believe everyone can find enjoyment in these events!

At Pediatric Specialty Care we believe in having fun!

Holidays and birthdays and other thematic events are also a part of our Community Life.

Whether regularly scheduled classes, seasonal parties, or special events, we are always looking to explore a child's curiosity and create opportunities for growth and new experiences.

Some examples include:

  • Creative Arts Class
  • School Functions
  • Visits from Church Groups and Scout Troops
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Pet Therapy
  • Pony Visits/Petting Zoo
  • Music Therapy
  • Summer Camp
  • Local Mascot Visits

Family Events

In addition to our exciting, individualized programs for the children, Pediatric Specialty Care also hosts family events throughout the year. These specially planned occasions give families a chance to meet one another, share experiences with their children, and engage in some entertaining activities. 

Please visit our Video Library to see some of the great smiles we’ve captured on film!