Pediatric Specialty Care

At Pediatric Specialty Care we take a holistic approach in caring for every child.

Our services include exceptional skilled care to medically fragile children and young adults in the least restrictive environment. Diagnoses are varied, with some children having a tracheostomy requiring full mechanical support while others may need a short-term stay for IV antibiotics. Each location offers long-term, short-term, transitional and respite care.

The medical component has brought the child into our care, but we realize that it is crucial to consider all systems along with every aspect of his or her life.


During the assessment, the level of care is determined which may fluctuate during the stay. Simultaneously, we are evaluating a child’s educational and therapy needs. Special attention is focused on a child’s preferences, knowing that this can truly unlock their fullest potential. Hearing a song or book that they love or experiencing a favorite pastime even as a passive participant can undoubtedly make a difference.

At Pediatric Specialty Care our attention to detail, commitment to superior care and focus to the future is what sets us apart as a premiere provider.