Pediatric Specialty Care

Admission Process

Our experienced medical teams make the admissions process as time-efficient and stress-free as possible for all involved. 

Providing the best possible care starts during the admission process, with our Admissions Coordinator going above and beyond to deliver exceptional “parent satisfaction” making it a smooth transition. Our main objective is to comfort parents during this process and to alleviate stress where possible.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Pediatric Specialty Care coordinates all the steps required for a smooth transition including:

  • Individual transportation for initial family tours
  • On-site evaluations
  • Assistance in obtaining insurance authorization
  • Ongoing communication with discharging facility or primary care physician for continuity of care
  • Coordination of all supplies, durable medical equipment and medications
  • Family training to continue with discharge planning
  • Ongoing support to assist with transition

Pediatric Specialty Care will coordinate an On-Site Assessment immediately for all referrals.

A child must be stabilized to the point that acute care is NOT medically necessary. Each child is thoroughly evaluated, with focus on the following criteria:

  • Medical Stability
  • Rehabilitation Goals
  • Medical History
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Equipment Needs
  • Functioning Levels
  • Educational Needs

*Note: The support of your child’s primary care physician is necessary when admitting directly from home.

Acuity Levels

After evaluation, each individual is then matched to one of our acuity Levels of Care. The acuity level details the skilled care hours and treatment required in order for each child to progress and achieve maximum potential.

At Pediatric Specialty Care, the backbone of each successful treatment is the participatory assessment and evaluation by the staff working with the child and family members. Together, we develop, monitor, and evaluate the rehabilitation plan of care.

What Do I Need to Provide?

During the process, our Admissions Coordinator will facilitate the completion of all consents needed for your child’s stay. We also ask that you bring the following items:

  • Clothes for Your Child
  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of your child’s Individual Educational Plan (if applicable)

Insurance Coverage

Obtaining funds for special needs children should never be an issue for parents.

Our goal is to allow a child to receive care at a Pediatric Specialty Care community without a family carrying the burden of high medical bills. Your child’s stay at Pediatric Specialty Care is covered by insurance.

To learn more please Contact Us, click on our Affordability page or call 877-291-6535.