Pediatric Specialty Care

Family Support & Training

"I was able to come here at different hours of the day…and I was pleasantly surprised that the level of care and attention was consistent no matter what the hour."

We understand that every family has unique challenges and circumstances.  Our goal is to help assist and support the relationships between children and their families regardless of their situation.  We keep communications open by:

  • Providing toll-free phone lines for non-local parents and family members
  • Sending monthly reports to the families/guardians
  • Updating families/guardians through quarterly reports of their child’s customized care plans and progress

For parents who are unable to actively engage in their child’s care, we hope to provide peace of mind by ensuring their child is receiving the best possible care.

Each child that stays at a Pediatric Specialty Care facility has amazing potential.  It is our joy to help your children meet their goals.  Whether a stay is short or long term, Pediatric Specialty Care’s staff work with families to ensure that the right level of care, activities, and training is provided to help children reach their fullest potential.

Transitional Care

The mission of Pediatric Specialty Care is to help get medically fragile children out of a restrictive, acute care setting and allow them to thrive in a home-like environment.  Our short-term post hospitalization or “transitional care services” are specifically designed to meet these goals.  Transitional care is valuable for:

  • Relieving children from acute care settings for a short time prior to moving home
  • Giving families time to prepare for in-home care
  • Providing a respite to families that provide in-home care
  • Supporting families as they are trained in how to care for their child at home

Short Term Stay

Pediatric Specialty Care is proud of our ability to help children transition to their homes. Our transition teams work with each family to help them prepare for in-home care.


Pediatric Specialty Care coordinates all aspects of the discharge process:

  • Home Assessment
  • In-Home Shift Nursing
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Medication Needs/Prescriptions
  • Primary and Specialty Follow-Up Care
  • Educational Services

Long Term Stay

Our Pediatric Specialty Care communities are designed to provide the unique and constant medical care that some children require in a setting that allows them to continue to grow and stay active.  In cases where home care is not an option, Pediatric Specialty Care creates an environment with ever-changing events, daily activities, and the continued medical support required.


Most communities offer free shuttle services to and from public transportation on a regular schedule.

Please contact Admissions Information at 877-291-6535 for transportation support that is available at your Pediatric Specialty Care community.

Over Night Accommodations

Some Pediatric Specialty Care communities offer overnight accommodations during the admission process and while training to take your child home.

To learn more or to see if your Pediatric Specialty Care community offers these services, please contact Admissions Information at 877-291-6535.