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Training the family… it works!

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Hopewell Transitional SuiteAs part of our stepping stone from hospital to home approach, PSC offers parents and families all the tools they need to successfully learn how to use medical equipment and care for their child. We provide on-site family suites that allow the family to stay during training or transition times.  Here is one success story with a soon-to-be-happy ending:
A2 year old male in a pre-adoptive kinship home. Recently he had a tracheostomy placed. Training was required if the potential adoption was going to go through and be a success.  PSC successfully trained 3 caregivers and arranged home nursing for 18 hours/day.  After the young toddler stayed at PSC for 7 months and the family was fully prepared, he was released home. We received reports that child is doing well and adoption will soon be finalized!  Now, that is a story worth celebrating!

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