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From stillness to movement A PSC Physical Therapy Case Study

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baby_girl_love_hand_and_footprint_puzzleShe was a beautiful baby. Big blue eyes, and a sweet little face with kissable cheeks. Born much too early, this tiny preemie was diagnosed at birth with bronchopulmonary dysplasia and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, among other challenges. She would receive a tracheostomy and gastrostomy tube as well as be dependent on a ventilator. Within the first year, she was diagnosed with autism, in addition to problems with her neck muscles. This little girl was not able to sit up on her own, and she had no neck, head or trunk control. She could not roll back to her sides or push up onto her forearms in a prone position. All those baby milestones of moving, crawling, even sitting up seemed like a million miles away, maybe even unattainable. The results of all this – a flattened skull requiring a plagiocephaly helmet.

Fast forward to about 2.5 years of age and what an amazing difference! This baby girl received physical therapy at PSC and has slowly progressed over time. She is able to sit, crawl independently, stand up on her own by pulling up on a stable surface, and remain standing for a few seconds alone. She has even begun to take a few steps unsupported! She also practices making her way up and down 4 therapy steps with the railing, with minimal assistance. Her new goals? To ambulate 5 steps unsupported, and stand 10 seconds unsupported! We are pretty confident this little girl is going to do just that and much more!


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