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From blank stares to bright smiles, a PSC Speech Therapy Case Study

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PECSThis young child was diagnosed with partial duplication trisomy, severe intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder and cleft palate. This child had severe social-communication deficits, unable to communicate with others in his environment and rarely engaged with others. Working closely with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia the following was recommended:  intensive ABA therapy, sensory diet and implementation of a visual means of communication.

First things first, mastering the basics. PSC initiated Speech Therapy via use of pictures (Picture Exchange Communication System-PECS) to increase communicative intent and direction following. During the following year, the young child made slow but steady progress with his use of pictures and direction following skills. Today? He is able to use pictures to communicate his desire for several highly motivating activities with initial physical prompts but then independently on 80% of trials. He now follows most familiar simple directions on 60% of trials with therapist. He is much more engaged with others in his environment, shows increased communication intent and a desire to interact with others. Smiles, eye contact, and simple gestures are all a part of his daily communication. We can’t wait to see what’s next!


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