Pediatric Specialty Care


Trusting others with the care of your child is difficult.


Trust those who have also faced this decision and are pleased to share their Pediatric Specialty Care experiences with you.


"…after months of struggling with Christina’s seizures and the problem of getting home nurses, my wife and I had to make the extremely painful decision of putting her into a facility. The Point Pleasant staff (attending Doctor, RN’s, RT’s, PT’s, technicians, management, support staff and volunteers) became our extended family. This facility is much more than a facility. The staff doesn’t just meet the high challenging medical needs of the kids. These people just don’t come to work to collect a paycheck. They dedicate themselves to both the whole being of each child, as well as the families whose daily grief is that they cannot be with their babies.

For my family, it is our haven. I am known for checking on Christina at all hours of the day and my wife, son, and I visiting many times unannounced. On other occasions, we were also able to spend nights and weekends on the grounds and be with Christina when she goes to bed and just minutes after she wakes up…at no time here have we seen our Christina or any other child soiled, unengaged, or neglected in any form. We often exchange e-mails, pictures, laughs and even tears with many of the staff.

On a scale of 1-10 for recommendation, I give them 1,000,000. As a retired military person, to have your family member in the best possible situation, makes the time away less traumatic on them and us. Given how bad some of Christina’s seizures have been, I know she would not be here today if it were not for Point Pleasant!

–Mr. Robert Fulton 

"...We thank all of you with all of our hearts. We are truly blessed that we have met you. The care and attention that you gave [our son] was wonderful. You will be in our hearts."

- A PSC Parent

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