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Make a Wish Foundation Grants Disney World Wish to PSC Child – Part 1 of 3 part Series

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Join PSC as we walk you through the journey of one special little boy, RB (name has been abbreviated to protect the identity of the minor child), who has stolen the heart of PSC staff over the time he has been with PSC.

RB was admitted to PSC on March 8, 2012 from the NICU in Palmetto Hospital, South Carolina. RB was transferred to PSC with the following diagnosis:
•Pentalogy of Cantrell
•Pulmonary Hypertension
•Ectopic Cordis
•Chronic Lung Disease
•17 q12 Duplication (mild to severe ranges of deformities; Speech/oral/Gross Motor delays and ASD)
•Tracheostomy and Ventilator Dependency
•NG tube dependent
•Coded on his first Birthday, 3 days after admission

Clinical challenges aside, RB has blossomed over time, and today, RB is a very loving 8 year old boy, with a highly creative imagination. His “day-to-day antics will light up your world.” According to the progam specialists and recreational thereapists that work with RB regularly, have shared just how special RB is… “RB is the most inquisitive, gentle, kind, brilliant, curious little boy.”

Stay tuned as we share Part 2 of this “wishes really do come true” story.

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